Letter from Rev. Bailey Gant

I Am My Brother's Keeper Unity Day is a ministry that transcends personal preferences, biases and ego's to awaken the consciousness of the world. Our goal is to unite people from every walk of life in one spirit of unity, in spite of their gender, race, religion, and education, political, marital and financial status. We will join forces with ALL communities to restore and rebuild not only our neighborhoods, but also our relationship with each other. Be a voice in your community and stand with us on Unity Day, The 4th Saturday in June.


The Only Thing Necessary for Evil to Prevail is for Good People to do Nothing

There comes a time in everyone’s life when instead of being served; we must serve. That time has arrived. In spite of how minute the service may seem, I assure you it is a matter of life and death. When many answer the call to service the burden is not as heavy.

Every part of a body is important be it physical, governmental, economical, or religious. When one part doesn’t function it burdens the whole body and causes it to limp along. Every part of a body works together for a common cause, to support the whole body, and so must we.

I Am My Brother’s Keeper Unity Day believes all churches, mosques and synagogues which make up Chicago’s faith community, as well as governmental agencies, financial institutions, the media, and society at large, must take an initiative toward helping to first, take our young people away from the violent life-styles and murderous mind-set that leaves them lying dead in our streets on a daily basis.

Second, we must focus on the things that have brought us to this point, so that we may know where we made mistakes. Focusing on our differences is what separates us as a people. Our differences are built on a foundation of lies. Focusing on the things we have in common is what binds us as one people. What we have in common is built on a foundation of truth. “What is it that makes you different?”

Things in Common_________________________________________Differences

Will, Desires, Senses, Emotions, Consciousness

I Am My Brother’s Keeper sets forth to awaken the consciousness of the world by uniting people from every walk of life in one spirit of unity by manifesting the spirit of unity by example. We are not interested in your gender, race, religion, education, marital or financial status.

I Am My Brother’s Keeper Unity Day is a ministry of South Shore Bible Baptist Church that transcends our personal preferences, biases, and egos; culminating on the fourth Saturday of June every year, to lift up a silent voice of unity. We will unite in a silent proclamation, by a visual display, in wearing the Iammybrotherskeeperunityday.org t-shirt.

Throughout the year we will promote events, programs, and ministries focusing on we are indeed our brother’s keeper, thereby awakening us to the truth and reality that we are one people with a common interest.

Differences produces dislikes, dislikes produces hatred, hatred produces anger, and anger seeks a response from those whom anger possesses.

Focusing on a common cause will unite us. We are one people and we are our brother’s keeper. Please join us by awakening your consciousness to unite and support this common cause.

Thank You,

Rev. Bailey Gant,

EMAIL ADDRESS: revbaileygant@iammybrotherskeeperunityday.org

A 501-c3 (not for profit) Ministry of the South Shore Bible Baptist Church, Inc 773-752-3778